Samstag, 4. Februar 2017



I am so sorry :( but I'm back at blogging, it is just school which causes lack of motivation to blog but yeah this Tuesday is last exam this semester :-) adiossss

I changed my hair a little bit, thanks to B52 for the bangs. Some friends told me I look 'more mature' lol but personally I think I look like an Otaku-kinda-like-gurl...? Idk guys xD

Recently I've been thinking about changing my hair A LOT like dying? But I am not sure because I've never done an extreme color change and I know it would be damaging my hair a looooottt and the bangs look cute with black hair buuut I also love ashy hair colors, like light ash brown? Any ideas? I need help haha.

Finally I know what I am going to do when I'm old (=old; I mean like 24) I've always been a girl who has many different perspectives, like literally I do not know what I should be doing after my 5 years of vocational business college. That's why I try to collect practical experiences as much as possible, I try to work in my holidays as much as possible but I have a mind, which always varies, when I think I have found something that I love, my passion, I quickly changed it in a few weeks. HAHA sometimes I feel so dumb because other teenagers have an exact future imagination - they know exactly what they are going to do with their life & career. But then there's me. Zero. Few days ago I talked to my mum about my future and she helped me a lot, I know what I want to become (but maybe I'm not 100 % sure about that, I'll tell you later when I'm 10000 % sure haha).

Love & hugs xx