Montag, 22. August 2016


Good night :D

It is about midnight here and I cannot sleep, today I slept 15 hours haha so I have much time now and decided to blog aboooout a birthday surprise of my best friend :-)

I also went on a shopping spree in the last 6 days and I have been never so exhaused because of shopping buuuut new shoes and jumpsuits!!!

 some sneak peaks of the day  <3
 We surprised her by ''cancelling'' the appointment, in the meanwhile I was reserving a table at a restaurant and Vero a car. Marisa tied Marida's eyes with a scarf, lol. She was very confused and had no clue at all because she was ''standing alone outside''. In fact, we were around her. As the car arrived, we took her with us (eyes still tied). She opened her eyes when she was standing in front of the restaurant. She was so happy lol it is her favourite place to eat chinese (was soo delicious though).
After that, we decided to have some ice cream at McDonalds and after that we went to a park and literally did nothing... but after that (!!) we were having junk food at Veronica.
My gift for her was 2 collage of memories and short letters each picture, a contour & highlight palette, a makeup sponge and a nude nail polish<3

Good night, again haha xoxo