Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016


Hello girlsss (and guys)

Yesterday we went to a birthday celebration of a grandpa of a good friend of mine. It was fun because they had a lot of food and we watched Football instead haha. By the way, the weather was fine though except the rain, so I had to stay inside. Oh and the reunion has to be delayed because no one has time :( buut this thursday it's gonna be lit
Only one week left until summer break yessss wow after that, I am in my third year of a vocational business college...how time flies.

My plans for my holidays: no i do not have any plans yet, but I hope to visit Budapest & Sziget (woah) and my swedish grandpa is going to visit us in Austria and we are definitely taking him to Vienna, Salzburg, like everywhere in Austria. Otherwise I'm going to hit the gym yeah AND I'm going to volunteer this summer but I'll not going to tell you (yet) what I do, it's a secret hehe. I am going to miss my bestie Vero because she will be in Cambodia next week, so jealous haha have fun!! :D

Happy Birthday to grandpa (yesterday)
Happy Birthday to Natalia!♥
Happy Birthday to Dilovan my bestieee I wish you all the best :-)!!!!!
And happy birthday to all people who's birth is on July 3rd

 my girl Veronica and my little angel Malina <3 and vinz

 Muffins, cold drinks and my bro Vincent
 from my snapchat @vatteysuos

Have an awesome day :-)