Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016


Hey hey :D

Yesterday I did some shopping with Lilly and dad, looking for a gift for my cousin :-) I miss her so much!!!! Wanted to see her this year but can't :-( Went to Sports Direct and looking for Adidas Superstars in Gold but sold out whaaaat >.<

In the evening I spend my time with friends, Emelie, Vincent, Marisa, Marida and my sister Lilly BUT Veronica was missing :-( I'm going to miss her so much because she will be in Cambodia by tomorrow, so that means I'm going to see her for the last time this summer.

 me getting caught taking selfies
 I know there are people who are not even reading this XD just scrolling to see pictures lol, go ahead mate
 Marida & Lilly <3

Need some (summer)songs! Any suggestions? :-)