Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

4th JULY

 credits to Marisa (she takes the best photos!)
 awh look how sweet they are :-)

awkward pose with Tatjana

Hey babes!♥

Happy 4th July!!!
Yesterday we went to a silver wedding anniversary in the evening. Yeah it was so fun with these babes, Tatjana, Veronica, Marida, Marisa and my sister Lilly. We went outside because it was so hot inside like 90° F. We needed a little bit breeze so we ran to the sunset. This place was so breathtaking, the air was fresh and cool, the sunset was stunning doesn't need any filter :-D and the people around you are sweethearts♥♥♥ We laught like no one can hear us, danced like no one can see us and posed like no one is watching. So blessed to have friends like them :-)

Have a nice day!