Montag, 6. April 2015


Hey peeps!

On April 4th we celebrated my sisters birthday, she's turning 14! The weather is getting worse, it's snowing :-( but whatever, we had an awesome day (and night). First we cooked the cake and decorated it with chocolates and stuff. In the evening we invited some guests and ordered some pizza (everyone was full then, haha). AND THEN WE DANCED, like always. 
After her birthday party, we were invited to Veronica's house. We stayed there for a while, no I mean, for hours :-D. And her little brother is so cute!!!

I said "smile" and she did this, mmhhh ok haha.


snapchat/instagram etc..

Lilly had to wishes her wishes faster because the chocolates began to MELT!!!

Also filmed a vlog, so stay tuned :-)
See you ♥