Samstag, 15. November 2014


Hi cuties! ♥

Yesterday I went with some friends at DaVinci because it was Julissa's birthdaaay! :D She turns 16!

After school we walked to DaVinci and ate pizza, they were sooo delicious but then I was full haha. And I took some photos of the pizza lol. We gave her the gifts and she was so happy♥♥♥ Awwwh :-). After we finished eating we went to a park and took selfies and stuff, talking, laughing, seeing cute dogs, haha.

Then we drove with a bus to StarMovie, it's a cinema. We arrived there about 3 pm and the movie starts at 4 pm and while we are waiting, we bought some snacks and drinks, and I was snapchatting :D. Oh, the movie we've watched is Maze Runner, this film was so excited, I recommend it!

1. selfieee♥ // 2. pizza with besties // 3. popcorn & drinks // 4. @StarMovie

1. PIZZA // 2. waiting for food // 3. trying to take a cool selfie // 4. little selfie at the cinema

1. at the cinema with bae's // 2. StarMovie // 3. my present for Julissa♥ // 4. mirror selfie at the cinema toilet // 5. selfie @DaVinci // 6. @StarMovie

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! xoxo