Dienstag, 16. September 2014


Hello :-)!

It's time to go to the beach and getting a tan. After swimming in the warm sea, we all got jellyfish stings, it didn't hurt, it feels like it burned...I got two jellyfish stings, but it was fortunately harmless.

Anyway - absolutely wonderful days here in Bibione. It seems like the days better and better :-). At daytime we went swimming on the beach, chilling in the pool or take a walk with friends and eat ice creams. In the evening we sat outside, ordered pizza, listened to music and had conversations.

Veronica and Lilly♥

Such a soft sand under my feet!

ice cream with fam :-)

This is how it looks when I take photos/ photo for my dad:

And this is how it looks like when he takes photos of me, haha :-D

Vlog is coming soon! :-)