Donnerstag, 21. August 2014


Heyya! :-D

How are you? In this blog post I'll show you what I've worn on the beach. My shirt doesn't match the skirt, haha. I forgot to pack a basic shirt in my suitcase :-(. 

Today was a beautiful day, the sun shines and it's windy, too. The waves are pretty big, so it makes fun to swim :-D. After swimming in the sea we four girls went eating ice, like everyday haha. The ice creams there are sooo delicious, so many flavors like nutella, after eight, caramel, stracciatella, tiramisu, banana, kiwi, cookie, coco, papaya and much more... so I want to try them all! :-)

shirt - New Yorker | skirt - ? | shoes - Reno

My fav: cookie ice cream & Lilly's got a stracciatella

My giiirrllsss♥ on the way to the beach

What's your favorite ice cream?