Mittwoch, 20. August 2014


Hello people! :-)

Veronica, Lilly, Tatjana and me went to Luna Park Adriatico!
It was about 9pm when we four were bored in our apartment and didn't know what we should go, we didn't have wifi :-(. So my mum had the best idea against boredom, L U N A  P A R K !
We packed our jackets and I took my camera with me, of couse haha. On the way to Luna Park we were all sooo excited, we enjoyed our ride with opened window, wind in our hair and the warm breeze. When we're almost there, we saw the lights from Luna Park, the lights shone so bright. Luna Park is at night a dream! We arrived there 9.10 pm i think... it wasn't far from our apartment, only 10 minutes away.
Luna Park opens 24/7

And here you can see Veronica and me in this giant ship Corsair, it swings back and forth, but not slow - it swings extreme high and fast - we screamed haha

Me, haha. I was looking forward to a next drive! :-D
Tatjana and me at Matterhorn. It was so terrible...but not terrible in negativ, quite the contrary! It was super funny with Tatjana. Matterhorn spins so fast and it shakes very strong, the ride was long, too, like it's infinity :o Actually it spins 50 rounds.
We are ready for Matterhorn!

After the ride in Matterhorn we were all so dizzy, that we couldn't know where the steps were, lol.
Waiting for cotton candy, yaay. After the all adrenaline, we bought some cotton candy for all of us!

A girlgroup before the 5D ride! Yaaay we were all excited.

Candy shop in Luna Park


Lilly, my mum, Vero, me and Tatjana :-)

Have a great day! xx