Mittwoch, 27. August 2014


Hii people, hope you had a great day!♥

This was a spontaneous trip to Luna Park with my besties♥♥♥ We can't get enough from Luna Park, it has so much to offer and the lights are sooo beautiful! Oh, and I have to tell you something...

The first day in Luna Park was exciting, we didn't know with what we should go first, then thought Tatjana 'how about the ghost train?' In this moment I thought 'I can drive with everything, but not ghost trains, please not!'  My first and last ghost train ride was in Disneyland and I had sooo much fear. Now I had the 'test of courage' in Luna Park, the ghost train. Wouldn't it great if I have reached my goal, right? Well, we bought the tickets for the ghost train and I sat with Vero. Outside, the ghost train looks creepy, I didn't want to know how it looks inside, haha. As we are driven, we had seen nothing and I already got panic, haha. I said to Veronica 'Turn the torch on, it's too dark here' and when her handy torch's on​​, we have seen more of these creepy stuffs and then I got more panic and screamed 'TURN THE TORCH OFF' hahaha fail. Then our cart drove to a bright place and I just thought 'Yeeah, light, finally' it was the only place where I could open my eyes completely, haha. Suddenly we went in an even darker room with loud noises, it was very creepy, something had touched us, too. I closed ​​my eyes very tightly, but it was still scary. I started to cry. even I'm 14????!!! In this moment I just thought this is the MOST HORRIBLE PLACE I'VE EVER BEEN. Then everything was over, I was proud of myself, because I passed the test of courage. Even if I cried, but hey, the main thing is that I've passed it!

(ps: Veronica has a video from the whole drive, haha)

It's like a lift, it goes up and down. Pure adrenaline! 
Can you see the red thing in the pic? That's Veronica and me, haha :-D


Autoscooter with Tatjana makes a looot of fun :-D♥

Dominic & Veronica

Have a great wednesday! xoxo