Sonntag, 24. August 2014


Hello :-)!

Today I'll blog about our shopping experience in Bibione. It's the longest shopping mile of europe. There you can find everything you want, jewelry, ethnic art, clothes, shoes, leather products, pictures, bags, beach towels and of course many many restaurants! 

If you want to cook with fresh and natural products during the holidays, then I recommend the shops with fish, fruit, vegetables and cheese.

My family and the other families (we were together 3 families) went shopping until night, we visited many shops and I was looking for a dress for a party in Montegrappa. The weather was fine, until it started to rain. Fortunately rained it a little bit, haha. That's why we weared our jacket lol :-D. 
And there was an awkward moment, too, I think I was ''fangirling'' because I saw someone I know. It's Christiane, my classmate! :-D Oh is this a coincidence or a destiny? I met her in Bibione, woohooo.

My sister and me taking picture with a no-face-mannequin-which-wasn't-actually-behind-the-shop-window. HAHA

Shopping street 

 I don't remember why I've done this grimace, to be honest :-D

Lilly, Tatjana & me

Ice cream although it had rained. Yes, I'm obsessed with ice creams♥


 I got this wonderful flower from a little child, hihi♥

 At night it looks absolutely beautiful!

palm trees :-)

After shopping we've got a maxi pizza. And after that, we went shopping again, whiiiiii!

It's getting dark, yeah.

Shopping at night is much more exciting!