Mittwoch, 6. August 2014


Heyyaa :-)

It's a long time ago, that I haven't blogged because I had not Wifi haha. But I have Wifi on the beach and so I must take the opportunity to blog :-).
We went there by car with three other families and we drove at 3am til 1pm. Yes, 10 hours haha. 
I have been in Italy two times, but this is the best of all!♥ The sun is shining all day long (33°C) and in the evening/night you can go out for a walk with your family and friends with a pleasant 28°C. Our hotel is 250 m near the beach and we walked through these shops, they sell nice stuffs, like foods, shoes, bikinis, accessoires, clothes etc...
The people there are all so friendly and they can speak German, too. 

Can't wait to go to the beach!!!!!



And here are some pictures from the beach in Bibione:
ice cream :-)

relax time with Lilly, Veronica and Tatjana :-)

perfect weather!
Here is the pedestrian path
and here is the bicycle zone

In the evening we'll order pizzas and share it with the friends and families, it will be great! :-D

Have one of you ever been in Bibione? How was it? :-)