Dienstag, 12. August 2014


Hey! :-)♥

How was your day? Hope you had a great time like me :-D
It's like the sun is always shining here in Bibione, 31°C, like everytime haha. Veronica, Tatjana, Lilly and me went swimming, while my parents relax at the beach. After playing in the beach we went to a ice cream shop, there are many delicious flavors of ice cream you can buy. 
Every day at 5.30pm, is dance time at the beach, so Veronica, Tatjana, Lilly, my mum and me danced with other people. The dance is a mix of a little bit hip hop and zumba. It makes a lot of fun, the music is great and loud and the people are always smiling♥

It was very windy, so my hair flapped all the time in my face, haha.

getting a tan :-)♥


dance time

My Vlog is coming soon, stay tuned!