Montag, 21. Juli 2014


Hello my readers!♥

Two days ago I bought this cute lace dress in white. I'm totally in love with it♥.
By the way we'll go to Italy soon and I still have not already packing my suitcase. I recently bought too summery tops for the holidays! Ohhh I'm looking forward to I T A L Y ♥♥♥

I know this doesn't match, but I have to write it, haha: I was not a big Youtube-fan before, I have been only viewed music videos and didn't know many YT-channels, until a friend introduced me the channel Thien Nguyen. She has showed me a funny video of him on Instagram and I had to laugh so much HAHAHAHA. Watch it HERE. It was too funny that I wanted to show this video a friend and  linked her below this vid :-D (Yaay then he has liked my InstaVideo lol). But it's not his only funny video, he has 100+ more. Then my sister and I watch his videos on YouTube all day and night long. But his videos are only in german :-).

dress - Forever 18

Do you like a vacation in Italy? :-)♥