Samstag, 28. Juni 2014


Hi cuties!♥ 

Now, I'll tell you my yesterday's experience at Junior High School Supertalent, wow...I don't know where/how I should begin, haha. Anyway, it was a big day for me and it was very important, too, because the whole school, my family and friends watched our performance.
We were 12 finalist: singing, dancing, playing an instrument & drawing. Before our performance we practiced hard, they were all soooo good, that I got a goosebumps :-). They were all so nervous, but I was more excited than being nervous, lol.
Now you're wondering who won the Supertalent? It's not me haha (...puhh fortunately it's not me, because I want to go on a school trip with my class), it's Taylor M. (with 34 points) congratulations!!!♥  You really deserve it, because you have such a great voice :-)!

Awww, I have the best fans!♥♥♥

At first I painted this portrait wuth glue...

At least I added silver glitter

voila :-D

photo with the mayor 
It makes a lot of fun - it was an incredible feeling when everyone applauded :-)♥

I was the 2nd place with 33 points, yaaaay :-)).

Enjoy your vacations!♥