Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014


Good morning my lovely readers!♥

This morning I was woken up with a sunshine in my face, today's a perfect day! So Lilly and I made the best breakfast for today, it was so delicious hmmm :-) consist of a milkshake, detox water, pineapple/coconut juice, pancakes, eggs for proteins, ice cream and a looot of watermelons. And I'm so motivated, because school begins on Wednesday, woohoo!!!
In the afternoon I'll go grill with my dad (BBQ and stuff like this :-D) or I'm going to practice for the Supertalent on 20th June, FINALE I'm coooomiiiing :-))

-a beautiful day begins with a beautiful minset♥

Lilly's selfmade shake♥

pineapple and coconut-juice with a watermelon slice♥

Pancake recipe:
1 egg
1 banana
& done :-)

ice creams for desserts, lol

detox water♥

I'm watermelon addict, hihi


Bon appetite! :-)