Samstag, 24. Mai 2014


Hellooo :-)♥

Are you looking for new clothes, bags, shoes, handy cases or accessoires? PERSUNMALL has all of them! Visit their website www.Persunmall.com and discover cool, unique, pretty and new clothes with a super good quality!

Here is my wishlist of Persunmall: (you can see, white is my favorite color, haha)

1. white crop top - looks so cute HERE.
2. CÉLINE paris inspire t-shirt - my favorite one!♥  HERE.
3. elegant white blazer - want it! HERE.
4. lace spliced short in white - very cute HERE.
5. ripped denim short - high waisted HERE.
6. white chiffon blouse - I love it! HERE.
7. white beautiful hollow dress - wow, love the floral design♥ HERE.
8. pink flowers iPhone case - most beautiful phone case I've ever seen!♥ HERE.
9. stylish handbag in pink - I don't know, but it reminds me of a Michael Kors bag :) HERE.
10. black high heel - so stylish! HERE.

I hope you'll like this online shop like I do! :-)♥