Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

REP 369

Hellooo ! ♥

Today I want to introduce you my favorite online Crop Top store. It has the trendiest, hottest and coolest Crop Tops ever! They are perfect for summer and if you wear it with high waist denim short - it would look gorgeous, I promise! Take a look in their website www.rep369.com and explore the best crop tops you've ever seen.

Here are my three favorites, I can't decide what's the best for me is because they are all soooo beautiful♥

They are only three of my favorites, but REP 369 has got more to offer, just visit their website! :-)
1. 90's Crop Top - It's obvious that this is a wardrobe must have for any 90s baby! Click HERE
2. Cool Story Bro. Crop Top - This super Cool Story Bro crop top is a must have! My favorite one <3. Click HERE
3. American Flag Crop Top - Earn your fashion stripes with this gorgeous American Flag crop top. Click HERE

Model brunette wears medium
Model blonde wears xmall ( I wear xsmall too)

Do you like this store? I love it! Want more information? Follow their Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Which one is your favorite?