Sonntag, 20. April 2014

PARIS 2013

Hello guys! :-)

I have to tell you about my trip last year. I went with my family and some friends to Paris by plane. It was sooo fantastic and I miss it so much :-(.

Day 1:
We drove to Munich with Olis and Endy (yes his name begins with an ''E'') and of course with their parents. Our airport is in Munich and it's the third time that I was in Munich, such a cool city!
About 2 p.m. we arrived Paris and drove with a taxi to our hotel. We slept in Chinatown, but there are not only chinese people, there are Vietnamese, Japanese, Cambodians, Thai and Africans. Wow, so cool, so many mixed people in this town. And the best thing about Chinatown is, if we are hungry, we can go everywhere because all the Asian restaurants are in every street. Then we went shopping a little, we bought some vegetable and I bought that cool transparent can with sweet water (picture 3), they're available in three different colors: pink (lychee), green (apple) & blue (idk haha). After that, we went back to our hotels and wore other clothes. We got ready, because it's time for our dinner :-). We couldn't decide which restaurant we should go. But it was very delicious!

// 1 - Selfie with my sister // 2 - Shopping // 3 - looking for new clothes // 4 - buildings in Chinatown

Day 2:
Yes, Paris is magnificent, especially when I go over the crosswalk. I saw so many people with many different nations, BEAUTIFUL VIEW. We walked to a shopping center, because it's not far away from our hotel. There are so many Asian restaurant too and I found a Cambodian restaurant. My parents said, we should go there out for dinner. Then, we bought new tops and my grandma new shoes :-D.
This day, we visited the famous Eiffel Tower! It's so high and big, it is difficult to take a photo with it, haha. But the only bad thing was, that the weather was bad. Cold and a little bit rainy.

My sister Lilly and Olis were flying :-D // photo taken by me

Day 3:

// 1 - shopping in Galeries Lafayette // 2 - breath taking view // 3 - handbags in Galeries Lafayette // 4 - Disneyland // 5-16 - taking photos //

Galeries Lafayette is the largest and most luxurious shopping centre of Paris. It's so stunning and it has 10 floors! There are so many people who are shopping or just visiting there.

In the afternoon we went to DISNEYLAND woohoo :-)), it's my second time that I was there, but it's still fantastic! It's all perfect, the weather, the atmosphere, ALL! We had a lot of fun, especially at the roller coaster, my grandma laughed and screamed during the ride and I only laughed until my stomach hurted haha. We enjoyed the ride :-D 
It's a small world, that's the name of our next adventure. We drove by boat in a dark tunnel with music and sights from all over the world. I can remember when I was here the first time, I was 5 years old.

We went to Buzz Lightyear (and more, but I can't count them, it's to much) and it was funny too :-)
There, you have to shoot the monsters and aliens in the darkness, very exciting. 

It's hard to believe, but this picture was also taken in Disneyland, Paris. It was imitated Las Vegas. In this place, it gives you a feeling like you're in America, Hollywood or whatever.
But that's not all, Disneyland has more to offer! :-)

-You are never too old for Disneyland- 

Day 4:

// 1 - buildings // 2 - -50% sale dresses, wohoo // 3 - Lilly and I // 4-6 - JUMP! // 7- group photo in Disneyland // 8 - found Usain Bolt at the airport // 9 - bye bye France :-(

// 1 - HAHA FAIL // 2 - yaay, thanks dad for that great shoot! //

It's time to go home, I mean ''fly'' home. So sad, we're missing Paris :-(. The weather was in Paris so fantastic, but when we arrived Germany it was raining all the time.
By the way, I was 4 times in Paris, but this one, was the best trip.

And what about you? Have you ever been in France? Do you like to travel, and where?

Have a great day! :-)