Donnerstag, 3. April 2014


Heeey guys, I have to tell you about an experience I'll never forget.
First, I have eaten for breakfast watermelons, YAAAAY. At 1.pm Olis called me and asked me if we wanna go jogging. Sure! ;-) We jogged in Wels with the wonderful sunny weather, like it's almost summer but it's actually spring, and then my sister had an idea: We can go for a walk through the forest. (I feel like we were two SnowWhite haha.) We went on stones, mud, meadows, field and dried grounds. But it was a great experience, I definitely have to repeat it!

We're ready! But first, let us take a selfie :-D

We jogged a round and now LET'S HIKING

Me realaxing on the bridge

We climbed

What a wonderful landscape!

We went back

At the top, it looks so.

Handsome Olis

Lovely sister, Lilly


I think this photo looks pretty good? Isn't it? ;-)

And now: we're like in a dessert, dry bottom & sunny weather

don't look at my face haha :-D


it's like a WONDERLAND


Home, I'm coming.

On the way to our home

This is my favorite photo: me in a dessert :-D

by the way: tomorrow is my sister's birthday and I've got an english exam! Wish me good luck :-)