Mittwoch, 16. April 2014


Hi foodlovers!

Do you know cake pops? Cake pops are probably one of my favorite treats! I love how they look like cute lollipops. The last time I've tried them was in Starbucks.
I'm gonna show you my Cake pop recipe! It's simple and easy to make, so let's begin :-)

How to make cake pops

step 1: All you need for this recipe:
  • two different sorts of cakes (mine is chocolate and stracciatella)
  • 2-3 spoon of milk
  • black and white chocolate (or other decoration stuff)
step 2: Crumple these two cakes in two different bowls (but only with clean hands). It's like you are destroy cakes haha :-D. And mix it with 2 spoons of milk (you can take a jam too, instead of milk). It gives you a harder and better dough to knead.

step 3: Form the cakes in big balls.

step 4: Form these balls in smaller balls, if you don't want them too big, form them that they fit in the palm of your hand easily.

They should look like this :-)

step 5: Take a half bar of chocolate in a bowl, which is in a pot with hot water.

step 6: Let them melt.

step 6: Take a selfie with the white chocolate haha :-D.

step 7: Do the same with the white chocolate.

step 9: You need cake pop sticks and dunk it in the chocolate sauce. Now, put them into the cake pops and let the sticks dry, so that they stay.

step 10: Dip the cake pops in a dark chocolate and decorate it with a white chocolate or dip them in a white chocolate and decorate it with a dark chocolate. Of course you can decorate it with other sauces, etc...

FINISH!! ;-)

Enjoy and have fun at baking!