Dienstag, 18. März 2014

weird tuesday

hellooo people!♥

How was your tuesday afternoon? Mine was, although I had school, still cool. This morning our class had to meet at the KJ place, because our teacher makes an excursion. We though we would know where the bus stop is. But we missed a stop and then we all have been waiting for where the bus drives. The bus drove a round. We came late, but it was funny haha.

me at the paradies with sweets

my face looks so weird haha

Arrival: I saw two walls full of candy, chocolates, cookies and stuff. It was like a dream for me. (Sorry that the photo is not in good quality, because it has been made from the mobile phone, but thanks to Karolina who took the nice photo for me.) I bought there a chocolate and my friend a gum. I will never forget this place. My PARADIEEEES.
Return: All the students wanted to go back with the bus and when we got on the bus, we were all outside again because we don't have a card or the card does not apply. But we wanted to buy the ticket, but the man said we should get out. Now we are all out of the bus. I thought, maybe we are too late if we drive with the bus. Suddenly Marvin, Karolina and I had the idea to go with the taxi. When we arrived school, I thought that we are late again, but actually is half of the class are not here :-D. If I had gone with my class by bus, I would be late, but we had also lots of fun.

Have a nice/funny/weird tuesday evening :-)