Montag, 17. Februar 2014



I would like to introduce you an online shop that I saw weeks ago at bloggers. This online shop is called Sheinside (www.SheInside.com). There are clothing, accessories and more, which is very modern and I really like it. The great thing about Sheinside is, that the shipment is free! And the prices are really unbelievable. In the collage you can see my favorites, where I can only say "I want them absolutely!"

 My favorites

These are my 6 favorite sweatshirts:
Sweater number 1 I find it very beautiful because of the color, it's just fresh and simple.
Very cool is the number 2 because the rivets look really awesome and the ombré-look fits fine to it and the combination is great.
Favorite number 3 perfect with high waist shorts or jeans and easy to combine.
Sweatshirts number 4 & 5 is simply a "must-have", the flower print is currently popular, and the color is simply invigorating and girlish.
Galaxies, and thousand stars wears sweatshirt number 6, beautifully bright colors and is I'm sure it's convenient.

My 6 favorite dresses from Sheinside:
Dress number 1 has a beautiful shape and I love this color (also available in black).
Dress number 2 is a simple dress and the color combination of black top and beige colored bottom fits perfectly.
If you like comfortable, number 3 will be perfect dress for you, long arms, mid-length dress and a natural color.
The 4th dress has a deep color, bright red and fits every woman!
The number 5 I find particularly beautiful, black can wear it with anything to do so. 
A sweet dress is number 6, the color red (also available in black) and the shape is very girly and reminds me bit of Ariana Grande haha.

Beautiful shorts from sheinside:
High waisted shorts are very popular at the moment, that has the number 1 to offer.
Short number 2 has a cool color, it looks used, but however modern.
Favorite short number 3 is because of the ripped-look a classic!
The number 4 has cheeky print and fits perfectly well with spring/summer time.
Favorite number 5 is special, it is a short and a skirt together. And of course it looks together nice too! (Also availabe in yellow)
Shorts number 6 is a high waisted short with ripped-look, very unique.

These outfits are on my wishlist, because SheInside offers very stylish and beautiful clothes. I hope that spring will come soon so I can wear this outfits. :)