Samstag, 4. Februar 2017



I am so sorry :( but I'm back at blogging, it is just school which causes lack of motivation to blog but yeah this Tuesday is last exam this semester :-) adiossss

I changed my hair a little bit, thanks to B52 for the bangs. Some friends told me I look 'more mature' lol but personally I think I look like an Otaku-kinda-like-gurl...? Idk guys xD

Recently I've been thinking about changing my hair A LOT like dying? But I am not sure because I've never done an extreme color change and I know it would be damaging my hair a looooottt and the bangs look cute with black hair buuut I also love ashy hair colors, like light ash brown? Any ideas? I need help haha.

Finally I know what I am going to do when I'm old (=old; I mean like 24) I've always been a girl who has many different perspectives, like literally I do not know what I should be doing after my 5 years of vocational business college. That's why I try to collect practical experiences as much as possible, I try to work in my holidays as much as possible but I have a mind, which always varies, when I think I have found something that I love, my passion, I quickly changed it in a few weeks. HAHA sometimes I feel so dumb because other teenagers have an exact future imagination - they know exactly what they are going to do with their life & career. But then there's me. Zero. Few days ago I talked to my mum about my future and she helped me a lot, I know what I want to become (but maybe I'm not 100 % sure about that, I'll tell you later when I'm 10000 % sure haha).

Love & hugs xx

Donnerstag, 8. September 2016


Hey! :-)

I made collages with pictures I have captured during this summer hehe.
If you're wondered, I deactivated my acc, so don't worry I have not blocked you on Insta :-))

 lmao I caught a Pikachu

4 days until school (I am looking forward to it honestly haha)

Mittwoch, 24. August 2016


Montag, 22. August 2016


Good night :D

It is about midnight here and I cannot sleep, today I slept 15 hours haha so I have much time now and decided to blog aboooout a birthday surprise of my best friend :-)

I also went on a shopping spree in the last 6 days and I have been never so exhaused because of shopping buuuut new shoes and jumpsuits!!!

 some sneak peaks of the day  <3
 We surprised her by ''cancelling'' the appointment, in the meanwhile I was reserving a table at a restaurant and Vero a car. Marisa tied Marida's eyes with a scarf, lol. She was very confused and had no clue at all because she was ''standing alone outside''. In fact, we were around her. As the car arrived, we took her with us (eyes still tied). She opened her eyes when she was standing in front of the restaurant. She was so happy lol it is her favourite place to eat chinese (was soo delicious though).
After that, we decided to have some ice cream at McDonalds and after that we went to a park and literally did nothing... but after that (!!) we were having junk food at Veronica.
My gift for her was 2 collage of memories and short letters each picture, a contour & highlight palette, a makeup sponge and a nude nail polish<3

Good night, again haha xoxo

Montag, 11. Juli 2016


Good morning/evening!

Yesterday was the last day I got the chance to spend time with her before she's heading up to Cambodia for a month. 

 1 - cornfield // 2 - McDonald's (snapchat: vatteysuos) // 3 - way home // 4 - group selfie<3 // 5 - the bottle challenge // 6 - at the playground // 7 - at Vero's house // 8 - Vero with cheeseburger
Marida :-)

Have a nice week!

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016


Hey hey :D

Yesterday I did some shopping with Lilly and dad, looking for a gift for my cousin :-) I miss her so much!!!! Wanted to see her this year but can't :-( Went to Sports Direct and looking for Adidas Superstars in Gold but sold out whaaaat >.<

In the evening I spend my time with friends, Emelie, Vincent, Marisa, Marida and my sister Lilly BUT Veronica was missing :-( I'm going to miss her so much because she will be in Cambodia by tomorrow, so that means I'm going to see her for the last time this summer.

 me getting caught taking selfies
 I know there are people who are not even reading this XD just scrolling to see pictures lol, go ahead mate
 Marida & Lilly <3

Need some (summer)songs! Any suggestions? :-)

Freitag, 8. Juli 2016


Hello :-)

Yesterday we had a reunion with my old classmates and teachers, we do this very year because we have a great relationship :-) We ate at a restaurant, called Olivi. It was very tasty, I'd recommend hehe.

30 minutes before reunion: selfieeees

great night with friends x

Have a nice day!



A short trip on our last school week :-)



Enjoy your day! xx

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016


Hello girlsss (and guys)

Yesterday we went to a birthday celebration of a grandpa of a good friend of mine. It was fun because they had a lot of food and we watched Football instead haha. By the way, the weather was fine though except the rain, so I had to stay inside. Oh and the reunion has to be delayed because no one has time :( buut this thursday it's gonna be lit
Only one week left until summer break yessss wow after that, I am in my third year of a vocational business college...how time flies.

My plans for my holidays: no i do not have any plans yet, but I hope to visit Budapest & Sziget (woah) and my swedish grandpa is going to visit us in Austria and we are definitely taking him to Vienna, Salzburg, like everywhere in Austria. Otherwise I'm going to hit the gym yeah AND I'm going to volunteer this summer but I'll not going to tell you (yet) what I do, it's a secret hehe. I am going to miss my bestie Vero because she will be in Cambodia next week, so jealous haha have fun!! :D

Happy Birthday to grandpa (yesterday)
Happy Birthday to Natalia!♥
Happy Birthday to Dilovan my bestieee I wish you all the best :-)!!!!!
And happy birthday to all people who's birth is on July 3rd

 my girl Veronica and my little angel Malina <3 and vinz

 Muffins, cold drinks and my bro Vincent
 from my snapchat @vatteysuos

Have an awesome day :-)

Samstag, 25. Juni 2016



How are you? Well, I'm not so fine but whatever haha buut it is finally summer and that means no exams, no stress ...
Lately I spent A LOT of time with my family because it makes me happy and forget about my worries :-) Wanna hear what I did yesterday? I'm going to tell it anyways because I have nothing better to do lol.
I did some workouts and played badminton with my grandma hehe it was fun except that I felt very "not very normal", I do not know what my mum has put in the cake I ate yesterday...JUST KIDDING...After that, Vero called me to hang out with her and looking after her lil sis.
I am really looking forward to next week because me and my classmates from high school are having a reunion (every year)!!! I miss them so much :-(

A mosquito bit me LOL

Have a great summer! xoxo

Sonntag, 17. April 2016


Oh hey!

Here are some pictures from yesterday.